Current or Recent Projects:

Arab-language web videos: This series of short videos explore themes and issues of concern to different groups in the Middle East and North Africa. The videos have been produced to link with social media sites where they can promote conversations about spiritual topics. Last year’s videos garnered over 300,000 views on YouTube.

Iraqi family

Is Poverty A Curse from God? – Iraq video


• Eurasian Youth Media Empowerment Project: It’s about mentoring and equipping the next generation (16-24 yr/olds) to tell compelling visual stories using mobile devices, and then distribute those stories to help change the spiritual imagination of their peers. See also, our site, which will soon be translated into several languages.

• Street Language is a short film resource that will be a catalyst for conversations and engagement. The story speaks to issues of homelessness, lonliness, poverty, mental health, and community. We have produced the film in partnership with Epicenter Pictures, another non-profit involved in mentoring students to effect change in their world through filmmaking.

Maasai “Opera” film project: Building on our relationship with Pamoja Ministries in Tanzania, along with MAPED (A Maasai Development Agency), we are beginning development of what we hope will be a feature-length motion picture that tells a story from the perspective of the Maasai themselves. We imagine that the film will have a strong traditional Maasai musical framework (hence the term ‘opera’) but tell a contemporary story of the struggles the Maasai face today and the hope some of them have found.

Visual Story Training: One of our passions is to see more effective visual stories told around the world. We are working with other organizations to train media professionals and emerging filmmakers in the power of story. We do this through collaborative mentoring projects and seminars.

East African Music Videos: We spent two years working with Pamoja Ministries in Tanzania to co-produce music videos for East African audiences. You can find posts and information on this site if you click HERE.

En-Kata Choir – Maasai


Feature Film in the Amazon: 10X Productions is the production team behind an award-winning, feature-length motion picture now in worldwide distribution, Yai Wanonabälewä: The Enemy God.  You can find everything you ever wanted to know about this film at

Young Shake and Tangled-One

Shaman, Tangled-One, comforts his young pupil


Visual Story Training

We are available to consult and collaborate to help your team make use of visual storytelling techniques, especially film and video.

Past Projects

Hamit clashes with an old foe in “Korban”

We are also the producers of the first dramatic film in the Tatar language. This 54 minute film is called, Korban. It tells the personal story of a Tatar man who discovers answers to his life’s questions in story of Abraham’s call to sacrifice his son. We are working on an English translation of this film so we can make it available to new audiences.

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