Here in the Amazon jungle, where the spirit world and the natural world merge, Shake has reached the highest honor a Yanomamö shaman can attain, that of ‘child-eater.’ Traveling in the spirit to an enemy’s village to loose your demons results in many deaths, and the reverence of your people. Shake has possession of many spirits, but the Spirit most feared by all Yanomamö, is one they call Yai Wanonabälewä – The Enemy God

“…one of the most amazing films I have ever experienced.
– Dr. Zaven Khatchaturian, Film Curator
Arpa International Film Festival, Hollywood

Bring the multi-award-winning film, The Enemy God to your home or classroom. Filmed in the rainforest of Central America using an indigenous cast, The Enemy God tells the true story of Bautista Cajicuwa, a former Yanomamö shaman, and the supernatural struggle for the survival of his people. It is perfect for small group discussions, covering topics such as: world cultures, tribal spiritual worldviews, and indigenous rights. [info:]

Special Features:

  • English and Spanish versions (narration and subtitles)
  • Dolby 5.1 surround soundtrack (English version)
  • Introduction by Bautista (Shake) Cajicuwa
  • Interviews with Yanomamö leaders
  • Shamanism short documentary
  • Revealing The Enemy God – The Journey documentary set
  • Behind the Scenes of The Enemy God
  • Movie trailer

This film is not rated; however, due to scenes of tribal violence and non-sexual partial nudity, we recommend it to viewers over the age of 13.

Running time: 100 minutes. Produced by 10X Productions. Limited Edition, 2009. NTSC All Regions.

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