Jacob lives an unseen life in the midst of the crowded city. When he stumbles upon Michael, bleeding in an alley, he must decide whether he can take the risk to help. In this moving short film story, a teenage street kid finds the strength to open up his life after a wounded stranger opens his eyes to the possibility of love and beauty around him. Their journey together opens up both of their lives to the possibility of love and hope for the future. Stories are how we share our deeper feelings, fears, and hopes. Through powerful stories we are able to experience and express and engage the deeper issues that affect our lives and our communities. Street Language is a short film resource that is a catalyst for conversations and engagement. It is a perfect discussion starter for small groups who want to make a difference in their cities. The story speaks to issues of homelessness, loneliness, at-risk youth, poverty, and connecting with others. More than just another short film, Street Language is a collaborative mentoring project produced by a team of professionals and student filmmakers who worked together to create a high-quality piece of cinema. The goal is to bring a deep, compelling story to audiences and enable viewers to engage in making real-world change in their own cities. The film was produced in partnership with Epicenter Pictures, another non-profit involved in mentoring students to effect change in their world through filmmaking.

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DVD Features: 16:9 wide screen format – Dolby stereo soundtrack Your Price: $4.95 Shipping weight 0.50 lb This film is not rated; however, we recommend it to viewers over the age of 10.  Running time: 23 minutes. Produced by 10X Productions, 2012. NTSC All Regions.   Download the  Free Discussion Guide here.

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