by Matt Castagna

Teaching classes at Indian Bible College in Flagstaff was one of the highlights of my year. Students came from many backgrounds; Eskimo, Navajo, Apache, Inca, Lakota, and even a girl from jolly ole England!

On Saturday I had 11 students show up to help shoot a short film. In the  morning we finished scripting the project and then in the afternoon we were out in a local park right on the edge of the mountains shooting the various scenes. We ended up fighting the wind (microphones don’t work well in high winds) and the ever changing (because of all the clouds) lighting conditions. But I must say, they did a great job and the resulting video looks great! On Sunday I attended a Navajo church out on the reservation. The rest of the day was spent editing the video together so I could leave them with something usable. We’ve been invited to go back in April to teach an advanced class.

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