We got our first look at the new web site for the release of The Enemy God in India. It’s almost ready for the public, so I’ll wait to post the link ’till they work out the last bugs. It’s pretty cool – multiple languages, lots of animation, very professional. The same distributor is also working on our release in Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia, then Scandinavia. Odd mix, but we’re cool with that.

We are also fielding inquiries from other territories. We’ll get a report from our sales agent very soon about what they heard at the summer and fall film and television markets. We know of some deals, but are hoping to hear more definite news. It is a long process; we’ve been told by many people that indie films can go through two or more entire cycles of film markets before all of the rights are sold or there’s no more interest.

Patience is something we have learned – we’ve been working on the film for almost eight years already!

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5 Comments on Film Distribution Coming Together

  1. Phillip Gibb says:

    Great Stuff.
    Well, I might be the first person in South Africa to watch it 🙂
    As it arrived today 🙂
    I write a post on the Trailer and then Review the film – although to be honest I am not so good at reviews (I can’t keep an evaluating hat on while watching a film I enjoy)

  2. Tom says:

    Glad you got the DVD Phillip. We’re hoping you are not the only person in S. Africa to watch it; we’re working on distribution there as well.

    I understand the conflicts when watching a film. I usually watch films with the intent to just enjoy them rather than critique them. Occasionally, I get opinionated during a first screening, but mostly I’m pretty easy on filmmakers, knowing how hard it is to make a film!

    Have a great day.


  3. Amy Deardon says:

    The Enemy God is a fascinating and capturing story on many levels. I haven’t seen it yet but am intrigued. Good luck with your film and your company — it’s a tough road, but incremental progress adds up.

  4. Tom Young says:

    I am thinking of reviewing this movie for my blog, as has been recommended to me. Could you provide me a synopsis of this film, seeing as you have seen it in its’ entirety? Thanks!

  5. Tom says:

    Hi Tom,

    I am not sure that I replied to this comment. Sorry if I did not.

    Most all of the information about the film can be found the web site: http://www.TheEnemyGod.com
    There are trailers, a brief synopsis, photos, behind-the-scenes videos, etc.


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