We are working to develop projects that will involve training in visual storytelling. While our core expertise is in film/video production, we also have partners who have experience in other visual arts including dance, painting, photography, and theater.

The aim of the the visual story training projects will be to bring together artists from different regions and cultures to come alongside emerging artists to help them to grow. This may be done through creative seminars about specific topics or in collaborative projects where an experienced team will come alongside those with less experience in order to co-produce a project in a mentoring/empowering relationship. Our goal is to raise up artists and increase the capacities and effectiveness rather than merely come in and ‘do something for’ a community or organization.

As we develop these projects we will be posting information here and on other networks to open the opportunities up to a wider circle of people.

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  1. Jessica Perry says:

    I was thinking it might be cool to do a documentary following several artists on their journey to share Christ using visual arts.

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